What is the meaning of an LEI number?

In this article, we’re going to discuss and learn more about LEI code or numbers.

The LEI is a 20-character alpha-numeric identifier produced by the International Organization for Standardization and based on the ISO 17442 standard (ISO). It connects to essential reference data, allowing for the unambiguous and distinct identification of legal organisations involved in financial transactions. Each LEI offers information on a company’s ownership structure, answering the queries “who is who” and “who owns whom.” Simply said, the publicly accessible LEI data pool serves as a global directory, considerably increasing openness in the global market.

The LEI data collection, which is open to the public, is a one-of-a-kind key to standardised information about legal organisations around the world. The information is recorded and checked on a regular basis in accordance with protocols and processes.

What is an LEI code?

  1. The LEI code (Legal entity identifying code) is a particular identifier code for participants in the economic industry (stocks, futures, bonds, etc.)
  2. Every market transaction will be linked to the other counterpart via an LEI.
  3. Regulators use it to keep an eye on the financial markets.
  4. LEI is a platform that connects financial markets, businesses, and regulators.
  5. The issuance of an LEI code takes place through GLEIF-accredited LOUs.
  6. Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)

How can you receive an LEI code for your business?

A GLEIF-accredited code issuer LOU (Local Operating Unit) is required to apply for an LEI code. India In India, LEI is an LOU contractual registration agency that registers LEI codes.

The India LEI database is linked to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, allowing us to access and update data on your firm instantly. We provide quick and economical service to Indian businesses, and we keep the data in the GLEIF database up to date.

  1. We use the Ministry of Corporate Affairs or other sources to verify data.
  2. Make a credit or debit card payment. We’ll provide you a receipt that meets your accounting requirements.
  3. We will email you a power of attorney to sign after you submit your application on our website.
  4. We’ll send you the LEI code through email.

The application takes only 2 minutes to complete, and the LEI number is normally issued within 1-2 business days of payment.

An LEI code must be renewed every year

The number of a legal entity identifier code (LEI code) must be renewed every year. This means that an LEI code granted on January 2, 2018, must be renewed before January 2, 2019. Your LEI will become inactive if the deadline has passed and you have not renewed it. This method is required to ensure that the data in the Global LEI Pool is current and relevant.

LEI allows you to renew your LEI for one, three, or five years. You will be notified by LEI a month before the deadline, regardless of the period. The LEI will check your data prior to renewal and renew your LEI code on a yearly basis if you have a multi-year LEI code.