The Thingamajig,
a.k.a. Charles’ Folly

Not a Whodunit --
but Rather, a Whatisit?


Learned Opinions from an Exclusive Mailing List

  • I dunno what it is and ain’t saying what I think it looks like ...

  • ... oil lamp for a ship/sailing vessel.

  • I would say it was a time piece, but ... I am not saying anything further....

  • It’s a woman wearing a bikini.

  • ... a flower vase or maybe it was some kind of lighting device.... oil lamp...??

  • I'll go with an oil lamp.

  • It is clearly a Thingamabob.

  • ... a well hung bota.

  • Perhaps it was meant to hang from the ceiling in a ship or even a kitchen,....and when one tilts it over, one can pour a glass of wine.

  • A Texican on a Bicycle.

  • 1850’s prototype for a chastity belt.

  • A Barometer.

  • It’s a Horowitz 1872 Model B Barometer used for forcasting air pressure by weather stations. Manufactured in Boston, Mass. It should have a tube coming out the top of the lower portion and extending up a couple of inches. The tube, which had a scale on it, is where the air pressure was read.
    Response to Above (1.): Without the tube ..., it would be a very impotent barometer indeed.
    Response to Above (2.): Sooooo..the barometer pressure goes up when she pulls her top up and down when she ..umm..Uhhhh..(I’ll think of something) OH...gets ready to clean her tatoo.

    Note, this Thingamajig was found in Oakland, California hanging out over a bar-b-qued ham, if that is any help to you.

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