Common Injury Lawyer Terms to Know

Injury Lawyer

Nobody ever plans to be in an accident or, worse still, an injury that results in injuries. However, these mishaps may happen, and it’s best always to be informed. The first way to stay on top of the situation is to hire an experienced injury lawyer to guide and help through the demanding situations and compensation negotiations that may arise.

Although an injury lawyer will always be around to explain the necessary terms, the second way to stay on top of the situation is to have an idea of what different terms mean and the times that people may use them. This knowledge will allow you to follow through with most processes, making it easier and less frustrating. To get started, here are five common injury lawyer terms you may hear when you file a complaint.


The plaintiff refers to a person or a group of people filing a lawsuit or bringing a complaint. In other words, if you’re in an accident that results in injuries due to the actions of someone’s negligence or fault when you file a claim through an injury lawyer, you’re the plaintiff.


The plaintiff serves the complaint against the defendant. The defendant is Read the rest