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     One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pharos lighthouse stood sentinel at the entrance to the harbor at Alexandria Egypt for 1,600 years. That lighthouse gave its name to the Italian (faro), Spanish (faro), and French (phares) lighthouse.
     So the question is, how could the Scots-Irish/Scottish immigrants to America get the name Phares in the first place?
     The answer might be in the Crusades (First Crusade, 1096-1099, Second Crusade; 1146-1148; Third Crusade 1189-1192; Fourth Crusade, 1202-1204).
     During the time that the Crusaders held the Holy Land, some Crusades adopted eastern thought, especially the Norman French Knights Templars. It is possible that some Crusader also adopted the name Phares, or a form of that name. Phares would be a knightly name, a sentinel, a guardian, or even a giver of light.
     The name Phares appears in both France and Scotland which would be expected since the Knight Templars had very good relationship with the Scottish Knights, and Scotland and France were often closely aligned.
     In 1608-1609, the Ulster Plantation (now known as North Ireland) was created under the authority of King James I of England. The majority of the settlers to the Ulster Plantation were the Scots. Some decades later, a considerable number of these Scots (or their descendants) migrated to America, where they came to be known as the Scots-Irish. So the name Phares came to America.

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          When is a Faris a Phares?

          The Phares Family, 1762-1823

          The Horse Case, 1790, Pendleton County Virginia

Family Records

          John M. Phares

          Jasper Phares

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