Kalar Family Association

A Few Kalar Family Photographs
from California

William Adamson Kalar 4
and his family

Elam Kalar

John Kalar, William Adamson Kalar
David Gilmore Kalar, Harriet Jane Kalar Phares

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Left to right, standing:
   Carrie Alice Kalar, b. 4/1876
   Delpha Ann Kalar, b. 1/7/1877
   Albert Blaine Kalar, b. 11/30/1879
   William Adamson Kalar, b. 4/4/1849
   (son of Jacob Kalar, Jr.3 and his wife Sarah /Sallie/ Ryan Long)
standing child:
   Maude Kalar
   Martha Jane Hart Kalar, b. 6/23/1851
   (descended from John Hart, signer of the Declaration of Independence) (Martha was a twin. Sister was Mary.)
Single man picture:
   Elam Kalar, b. 3/21/1862, d. 6/3/1939 in Santa Cruz, CA., 77 years
   was once the police chief of Santa Cruz, CA.
   buried in Parsons, WV, second cousin of the children in the family picture.
Picture of 3 men and one woman:
   brothers and sister: taken in 1890 in CA.

Left to right:
   John Kalar, of Salinas, CA
   William Adamson Kalar, of Santa Cruz, CA

   David Gilmore Kalar, of Salinas, CA
   Harriet Jane Kalar Phares, of Salinas, CA

Images and text information contributed by Beth Webb. Original photographs in the collection of Joyce Kalar Nichols.

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