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Jasper and Mary Kalar


Jasper Kalar (son of Jacob Kalar Jr. and Sarah /Sallie/ Ryan Long)
Born: 7 Oct 1851, Porterwood, Shaver Fork, Randolph County, VA. (Now WV)
Married: Mary Jane Channell, 7 Oct 1875, Tucker County, WV
Died: 20 Oct 1921, Belmont, Belmont County, OH

Mary Jane Channell (daughter of Jonathan Channell and Edith Sayers)
Born: 20 Oct 1852, Barbour County, VA. (Now WV)
Died: 3 Aug 1946, Belmont, Belmont County, OH

Children of Jasper and Mary Jane Channell Kalar:

     1. Howard David Kalar:  Photo.
         b. 8 Jul 1878, Porterwood, Tucker County WV;
         m. Effie Young;
         d. d. 25 Oct 1904;
         br. Kalar Cem.

     2. Olive Blanche Kalar:
         b. 12 Jul 1879, Porterwood, Tucker County WV;
         m. never married;
         d. 22 Sep 1965, Pittsburg PA;
         br. Belmont, Belmont County, OH.

     3. Stark Frederick Kalar:  Photo 1, Photo 2.
         b. 11 Nov 1880, Porterwood, Tucker County WV;
         m. Fannie Faulkner, 1912, KY;
         d. 25 Jun 1954;
         br. Faulkner Family Cem.

     4. Harriet /Hartie/ Leona Kalar:  Photo
         b. 9 Apr 1883, Porterwood, Tucker County WV;
         m. George Walter Minch, 15 Jun 1905;
         d. 26 Nov 1906;
         br. Kalar Cem.

     5. John Dellas Kalar:  Photo
         b. 1 Apr 1885, Porterwood, Tucker County WV;
         m. Helen Winfred Turner, 12 Jun 1914. (Helen b. 23 Jun 1893, d. 12 Jun 1956);
         d. 14 Sep 1938, Canal Zone;
         br. Charlotte NC.

     6. James Bradford Kalar.
         b. 24 May 1888, Porterwood, Tucker County WV;
         m. Dessa Mary Ault;
         d. 2 Feb 1918 (of TB);
         br. Belmont Cem., Belmont County OH.

     7. Thomas Leslie Kalar:
         b. 10 Mar 1892, Porterwood, Tucker County WV;
         m. Agnes Kinney;
         d. 1 Sep 1921;
         br.Belmont Cem., Belmont County OH.

     Memories of Mary J. Kalar. Aged 90 years.

     Jonathan Channell born March 2, l811 in Barbour Co. W. Va. was my father. He married Edith Sayers, my mother and raised seven children, of which I am the youngest. The rest of the family are dead.

     After my father and mother were married they lived on a farm in Barbour Co. My mother died in 1861; then came the Civil War, lasting 4 years. My father then sold out and moved to Tucker Co. near the East Va. line (but in W. Va.). I drove one team of mov_ and my father drove the other one. We had two wagons full of household goods. We were two days on the road, going about 70 miles.

     My father married again in 1865 and lived there until his death in 1873. I was away doing housework for people and they sent for me; but he was dead when I got home. So I stayed up there an made my home with the neighbors, Isaac and Martin Gilmore until I got married in 1875 to Jasper Kalar. We were married on his birthday, Oct. 7, 1875 in Tucker Co. W. Va. He was born in I851.

     My husband was always a farmer and lived in the old homestead until we built a new house on higher ground to get away from the flood at flood time. We lived in the new house 6 years, then sold out and came to Belmont Ohio, Belmont Co. We have lived here about 36 years. Jasper died in 1921 after suffering for 4 years with [TB]. Olive B. Kalar in Pittsburg and Stark F. Kalar in Bowen Ky. I have nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. I reared my granddaughter, Edith Minch, who is taking care of me now. She is now married to Herbert Fitch , who is a soldier, overseas at the present, in the war.

     My maiden name was Mary Jane Channell and I was born Oct. 20, 1852.

Yours sincerely,

/s/ Mary J. Kalar

(Source: This transcription is from a very poor typewritten copy of the original letter. From Margaret Kalar of Paso Robles CA, 1983.)

     The dates of birth, marriage, death and burial sites are from Jasper Kalar’s and Mary Jane Channell’s family Bible which was left to Edith Rose Minch, their granddaughter. Other comments I have learned from Kalar relatives.
Beth Webb

     “Jasper Kalar, born 1852, son of Jacob Kalar, of German descent, lives on Shafer’s Fork, 12 miles from St. George; married 1872 to Mary Jane, daughter of Jonathan Channel, of Taylor County. He owns 201 acres of land, one-fifth of it being improved. Children: Howard D., Olive Blanche, Stark F., Harriet.”

     From HISTORY OF TUCKER COUNTY by Hu Maxwell, p. 425. Published in 1884 (before the other children of Jasper and Mary Jane were born).

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