Kalar Family Association

Jacob Kalar Sr. and his Family
of Randolph & Tucker Counties Virginia
(now West Virginia)

Jacob Kalar Sr 2 (parents unknown);
Born: ca 1770, probably Germany;
Married: Sarah ____, ca 1791/2, probably Maryland;
Died: ca Sep/Oct 1828, Randolph County;
Buried: Kalar Family Farm Cemetery, Clover Run, Randolph County.

Sarah _______ ;
Born: 21 Nov 1775;
Died: 25 May 1820;
Buried: Kalar Family Farm Cemetery, Clover Run, Randolph County.

     There is an unproven family tradition the maiden name of Sarah, wife of Jacob Kalar Sr., was Carrico. The Carrico (Carricoe) family are first seen in Maryland, 1674 (Peter Curricoe). The name commonly appeared in Portugal. There is a record there of one Pero (Peter) Dias Carrico II of Montemoro Novo, Portugal, who in 1629 was condemned by the Spanish/Portuguese Inquisition for “Judaismo.” He was sent to prison for four years, confessed, paid his fines, released, and it is believed that he then fled to France. If you have an interest in Carrico genealogy, there are some excellent postings to RootsWeb Carrico mailing list. Go HERE, type in Carrico, then start with the January 1999 postings by Carol Mitchell.
     There are many missing pieces in Carrico genealogy as there also are in Kalar genealogy. If you can supply any of the missing pieces, please write to the Kalar &c., Family Webmaster

Children of Jacob and Sarah Kalar:

     1. Elizabeth Kalar
         b. 7 Nov 1793, Maryland;
         m. John Thomier Dumire, 19 Jan 1817, Randolph County;
         d. 2 Jul 1856;
         br. ________.

     2. Margaret E. Kalar
         b. Maryland;
         m. Issac Hadden, 23 Dec 1832, Randolph County;
         d. ________;
         br. ________.

     3. Susannah Kalar
         b. 7 Feb 1797, Maryland;
         m. Fieldom D. Kalar;
         d. 18 Mar 1869;
         br. Ash Grove Cemetery, IL.

     4. John Kalar
         b. 1799, Maryland;
         m. Elizabeth Stalnaker, Randolph County;
         d. ________;
         br. ________.

     5. Jacob Kalar [Jr.]
         b. 30 Apr 1802, Maryland;
         m. Sarah /Sallie/ Ryan Long, 25 Apr 1837;
         d. Kalar Farm, Shaver Fork. Randolph County;
         br. Kalar Farm Cem, Shaver Fork. Randolph County.

     6. Rachael Kalar
         b. Maryland;
         m. ________;
         d. ________;
         br. ________.

     7. Daniel Kalar
         b. 1808, Maryland;
         m. Caroline Crouch, 20 Jun 1848, Randolph County;
         d. ________;
         br. ________.

A Family Tradition:
     A commonly told family story in some branches of the family is that as a teenager, Jacob Kalar came to America from Germany with his father.

     Randolph County Virginia became part of West Virginia during the Civil War. In 1856 the large northern portion of Randolph County was used to form Tucker County.

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