This page has links to few selected desert photo images of the type that I use as reference for paintings. The idea is to use the images as backdrops or as detail. You will need to use your imagination to place the Indians, pioneers, homesteaders, cavalry, and miners in the images.
     The images are made from 35mm slides or prints from negatives. All images are presented in JPG (JPEG) format.

The Alabama Hills and Movie Flat Road
(The Alabama Hills: located near Lone Pine California)

        Rocks, No.1
        Rocks, No.2
        South end

Death Valley National Monument
        East of Stovepipe Wells
        Death Valley Bluffs, No.1
        Death Valley Flora, No.1
        Camouflage Colors
        Canyon Entrance

Red Rock Canyon State Park
(North of Mojave, California)

        Red Rock, No.1,  On HWY 395.

Road Views
(Between Death Valley and Lone Pine)

        Desert Flora, No.1
        Desert Flora, No.2
        Desert Flora, No.3
        Desert Flora, No.4
        Desert Flora, No.5
        Joshua Tree, No.1


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