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          Welcome Friend to, the Home Page of Fred Smoot. Here you will find art, design, and my obsession for history and family history.
          Be sure visit the website of my wife, Patty Sokolecki Smoot. Patty is a fine arts photographer. She specializes in panoramic photography.
          We live in SaUSAlito California.

Table of Contents ::

Fred’s Art and Design:
    Interior Design Under Construction
    Tile Design Under Construction
    Furniture Design
    Fine Arts Paintings

Patty’s & Fred’s Slideshows:
:: Slideshows Run Automatically & Contain Many Large Images. Please Allow For Complete Download & Run-Through ::
    Slideshows Table of Contents 

Patty’s Websites:
    Eagle Eye Photos

Patty’s & Fred’s Photos:
    Carmel California Photos
    ECV 2006 Photos
    Nevada Photos

Fred’s Photos:
    Marin County CA, Cemeteries
    Trip Photos, 2007
    Cabinet of Curiosities
    The Thingamajig
    Columbarium Photos
    Fairmont, WA Cemetery Photos
    Newport, WA Cemetery Photos
    Wave Organ Photos
    Desert Photos
    Sheep Thief

Family Pages
    Family Photos &c.
    Earth, Art, & Fire
    Phil Dionne
    Samarkand Ranch
    Our Critters

    Baker &c.
    Kalar &c.
    Smoot &c.

Tennessee Stuff
    What is a Dogtrot?
    Log House Deconstruction

California History, &c.
       (Under Construction)
    Ranch & Mission Days
    Californian Homes
       (From the 1920s)
    Santa Barbara County, Timeline
    Santa Barbara County, Photos

American History, &c.
    The American Blacksmith

Resplandores ::
Arts, Crafts, &c.

    Jo Mora
    Nicholas de Jesus

Mexican Tradition, &c.
    Día de los Muertos
    Day of the Dead

(Ancestral Urn, Nepal)

Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum

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